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JC Cartoon Art Museum——The Home of Cartoon Masters JC Cartoon Art Museum, also called The world of Animation & Comic Masters’ Home, was established in 2015...
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We recommend you to make an appointment before visiting. On scene visit would not be accepted.

For appointment, please contact us on our official wechat account: jc-comic.

(1)For individual:please contact us on wechat.
Our official wechat account:
Press “我要”——“预约”

(2)For group appointment:Please contact us at 020-87350026

(This number is unavailable for individual appointment or consultation.)

Visitor Policy

1Prohibitiontouching collections, smoking, eating, shouting, bringing pets. (Please follow the guidance of our staffs.)

224-hour monitoring within the museum. You could be charged for any loss or damage of the exhibits.

3Child under 13 must be accompanied by custodians. Parents will be responsible and charged for any possible loss or damage during visiting.

4For free Wi-Fi, please follow our official wechat account "jc-comic".

Location:No. 58 Taojin Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, China
Transportation Access: